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Community Groups

Groups and activities we support

NHCF directly fund a number of volunteer based community groups that were supported under the previous NDC programme.

Included in this support are two local organisations HIYA and L14 who deliver a range of programme from the Hillside Centre and GATE Community Centre respectively.

L14 played a key role in community development work during the difficult periods of the clearance programme, particularly in the specific area of Finch House. That work now being completed they are concentrating on various service areas including youth work, ICT skills, employment liaison and delivering the Head Start programme locally.

HIYA are a more established local charity, who like L14 combine service delivery through a few paid staff and volunteer support. Active in the Longview ward of Huyton, HIYA provide a wide range of activities to a broad range of residents, again including delivery of its programmes locally.

NHCF also supports the North Huyton Neighbourhood Network which is an organisation that supports and trains the numerous voluntary groups that operate in the area. This it achieves through regular meetings, a training programme and by providing access to a Small Change Big Difference grant scheme.

Family fun day in North Huyton

 Pot-holing with L14 group

St.Dominic’s Over 50’s club