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New Deal for Communities

The NDC Program

NHCF is the successor organisation to a central government funded programme known as New Deal for Communities (NDC).

This programme ran in Knowsley from 2001-2011 when the North Huyton area was awarded £55.8m to regenerate the area through a partnership board of local residents, ward councillors and agency representatives.

The funding was spread across 7 main themes in North Huyton: Health, Education, Crime, Employment, Housing, Youth and Community.

Over the 10 years, some 200 plus projects were commissioned by the independent Board to improve the performance of the area in comparison to the rest of the borough and elsewhere. This was achieved using a variety of in house and external delivery agents.

The North Huyton programme was rated as one of the leading NDC programmes in the country achieving ‘excellent’ status through the government’s performance management framework.

Besides a comprehensive revenue based change programme, the Board also contributed to a number of key new build capital projects in the area including:

  • 2 new Learning Centres
  • Primary Care Trust Resource Centre
  • Training and Skills Centre
  • Youth Centre
  • Community Centre

Recipients of a grant in 2008