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Project Management


Having completed the clearance task, the new NHCF Board has been asked to continue its role as project mangers of the Revive scheme liaising between the public bodies, the developers and the local community representatives.

The current task is to support the developers in continuing with the new build programme on the second and third phases of this 5-phase development.

This involves members of the executive staff arranging and supporting a number of sub committees within the Revive governance that includes a Partnership Board, Employment, Delivery and Planning Sub Committees.

Around and within the actual rebuild development areas are a number of public open spaces which NHCF are working with various agencies and community groups to develop as part of the overall plan for the area.

Housing regeneration funded by NHCF

Wildflower meadow at Stockbridge Road, Huyton

An example of this is the re-establishment of a major wildflower meadow at the heart of the area which has received funding through a joint community partner bid.

NHCF are also looking to work with residents in the Hillside area to develop a resource for children’s play adjacent to the area’s community centre.

As well as project managing the Revive programme NHCF has also received grant funding to renovate a small number of vacant properties under the government Elt program which it has let to local homeless families. In addition the organisation is also commissioned to provide community support services to recognised local groups to deliver the borough’s Head Start programme which is delivering mental health resilience to young people in the area.